The Halmstad Colloquium is a distinguished speaker series hosted by the School of Information Science and Computer & Electrical Engineering at Halmstad University.  The speakers are invited from universities around the world to talk about topics in the areas of embedded and intelligent systems, cyber physical systems, and related areas.  Talks typically take place in the middle of the month.  

The colloquium is an activity of two centers for industrially-motivated, long-term research:  The Centre for Research on Embedded Systems (CERES) and the Centre for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR).   CERES focuses on cooperating embedded systems.  CAISR focuses on intelligent systems with awareness of humans, situations, and self.  The goal of both centers is to bridge the gap between enabling technologies and useful, innovative applications.  To industry, centers are a research partner and an avenue for recruiting PhD and Masters graduates. To academia, they are partner in national and international, cutting-edge research.

Halmstad University is a young Swedish university that places special emphasis on innovation, including its technological, business, and human aspects.  The university offers undergraduate and graduate education, and is located in the west-Sweden port city of Halmstad.

The colloquium is directed by Prof. Walid Taha.